Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions, tips and more!


How do I purchase an ad?

All you have to do is click the "Buy Now" option next to the publishers zone you would like to purchase when viewing their listing. Immediately after checkout you can then upload your creative, and within minutes have your campaign live, all automatically!

Can I buy ads on multiple sites?

Yes! You can buy ads on as many websites as you would like, all in one transaction. They simply get added to your checkout cart.

Can you create my ad for me?

We do not offer design services but there are many companies out there that do. Either way feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can direct you in the right direction.

What are "Estimated Impressions"?

Estimated impressions are the "estimated" number of times your ad will be shown, either in a 30 day period or the total impressions available if a CPM ad. It may be more, it may be less. Unlike other sites, our estimated impressions are re-calculated daily so that you have a relatively accurate idea of how many impressions your site will receive. Estimated impressions are not how many clicks you will receive.

What is the ‘Add to Wait List’ button on website listings?

Advertisers can now subscribe to ad zones that are sold out through our 'ad to wait list' feature. When an ad zone is sold out you’ll see the ‘Wait List’ button, clicking on this will add the zone to your Wait List, accessible on the left-hand menu. Our system automatically emails all advertisers the second an ad spot becomes available again. Publishers will be able to see the number of advertisers waiting next for their zone on the ‘Wait List’ page. When the spot becomes available, the advertisers on the list are notified by email so they can purchase if they are still interested.

Do you offer Geo-Targetting?

Not at this time, if you would like to find out more about a potential sites traffic sources, is a great place to start.

Will my ad be displayed immediately?

Each website and ad spot are different, some publishers have our auto-apporve feature on - which means ads purchased will begin showing immediately after you upload your ad creative. Others want to manually approve each ad before it goes live on their site. If they choose to manually approve an ad they get an email asking them to do so as soon as your ad is ready to go. Do not worry, your 30 days or CPM ad campaign does not start until the publisher has approved your ad, so even with manual approval there is no lost time.

Can I use an affiliate link?

Generally speaking yes. Each publisher has the ability to deny any ad/link they don't want on their site. Most publishers will allow an affiliate link on their site though.

Can I have nudity in my ad?

No, we do not allow nudity.

Why was my ad declined?

Each publisher has the right to refuse any ad/link they do not want on their website. You will get a response from the publishers themselves stating why the ad was declined. If your ad is fixable to their requirements you can try again. Ads that are declined are fully refunded to your account.

Do you provide stats?

Yes! For each ad in your account you can see the impressions, clicks and CTR (click-through rate) for the day, week, last 30 days and all time. To view your ads stats click the Campaigns tab once logged into your account.

Can I change the image or link on my ad?

Yes! You can change your ad creative and link at any time! However, if a publisher has chosen to manually approve their ads it will not be shown until they have approved your new image and link.

Can I automatically renew my ad?

Yes! By default all purchased ads are set to automatically renew using the funding source you purchased with (Credit Card or PayPal). Whenever you decide to cancel it, simply navigate to the Campaigns tab and click "Turn off" under Auto Renew.

What are Ad bundles?

Ad Bundles are pre selected, niche relevant advertising campaigns. You can also tweak each individual bundle to laser target specific websites.

What is the Top Ad Zones page?

The top ad zones page is a list of the available top ad zones based on CTR, with a minimum of 5,000 impressions. Advertisers can now easily filter the list according to categories so they can find the best performing ad zone for their ad banner.

Website requirements for approval?

Your website must be live, finished, with fresh content and be receiving greater than 100k impressions per month (sites with less than this may be considered based on advertiser demand). Also with moderate to minimal advertising currently and with a high-quality website design. You must also have your own domain (i.e not blogspot) and be in English language.

How do I add a website?

Once logged in just click the "Add Website" link on the left hand vertical menu.

What are CPM ads and monthly ads?

We allow publishers to sell ad space either as CPM or monthly (30 day) ads.

CPM ads allow publishers to monetise every 1,000 impressions.

CPM ads are also served as soon as possible in stead of being served over a 30 day period, yet at the same time giving equal preference to 30 day fixed ads. This allows publishers to earn faster from CPM ads.

Publishers are also in full control allowing them to set their own CPM rates. You can also set a minimum order to prevent 1k ad sales, for example if you receive 100k impressions a month and choose to sell CPM ads you can set the minimum order to 10k meaning the advertiser can only buy a minimum order of 10k impressions instead of 1k impressions.

Mothly ads allow publishers to sell ad space for a 30 day period for a monthly price. This is very popular on Ad Clerks as publishers get paid generally a larger amount but offer a 30 day advertising period.

Why is my website not showing in the marketplace?

After you add our ad code to your website it will take at least 24 hours before your website will be displayed within our marketplace. The reason for this is we need to be able to collect some inital impressions data from your website before we can display ads for sale. Also, an ad zone must have a minimum of 1,000 impressions for it to be displayed in the marketplace.

Why are my stats on my listing incorrect?

After you add our ad code to your website it will take at least 10 days before your listing shows the correct number of monthly impressions. The reason for this is so the system has enough time to calculate an average number of monthly impressions to show an accurate reflection of your site traffic to advertisers. We can not manually adjust your listings or alexa rank on your listing.

What ad size should I use?

You have the option to use any ad size that you would like - however, most advertisers already have ads that are already made to fit our standard ad sizes (these are the most common ad sizes). If you try to sell an ad with a size of 200px W by 20px H, you might not get many buyers.

How do I create an ad zone?

Your website must already be approved to add an ad zone. Once your website is approved and listed, go to My Websites, and then click the Manage Zones button next to the website you would like to create an ad zone for.

How many ad zones can I have?

The answer is different for each website, but too many ads can make a potential advertiser move on to a site with less competition. We recommend using 2-5 ad zones at the most, remember you can sell more than 1 ad in each zone (rotate).

Where should I display ads?

We recommend placing ads in highly visible areas such as above the website scroll line (the area below where the user has to scroll down to view). The more visible your ads are, the more clicks they will receive. Advertisers like clicks!

Where do I find the ad code?

You can find the ad code you need under My Websites, then click Manage Zones under the website you are looking for, and then click "Code" next to the zone you would like to get the ad code for.

How do I install the ad code on my site?

Our ad code can be placed on any standard HTML page, PHP page, or other document type. There is no need to add anything to your "Header" just place the code on the appropriate page or template where you would like it to be displayed.

What should I charge for an ad?

There is no "standard" for pricing. By learning more about your website's niche and doing research on your competition you can generally come up with a price that is great for you and your advertisers. Some ad spots can sell at a higher price based on things like how high the ad is on the page, the ad size, and how many ads there are on the page.

As a general rule of thumb you can start with a range of $1 - $2 per 1,000 impressions. So if your site gets 100,000 impressions a month and you have a large header ad in a niche market you might try asking $100 - $200 for that ad slot. The better you price your ads, the more advertisers will want to purchase from you!

How do I cashout?

You may cashout available funds that you have in your account (Minimum of $25) by going to the Cashout page in your account. On the left sidebar you will see the total dollar amount you have in your account available for cashout. Once you have decided how much you would like to cashout, fill in the form and submit the form by clicking Cashout Funds!. All cashouts are processed once monthly at the end of the month.

How do I adjust the layout of my ads?

You can use standard CSS to adjust your ads styling. There are only 2 classes you will need depending on how many ads you have in your ad block. If you have 1 ad in your ad block, use div.singleblock. If you are displaying more than 1 ad use div.multiblock. An example of how to add the CSS in your stylesheet would be something like one of these this:

.multiblock { padding: 5px; }
.singleblock { padding: 5px; }

Can I change my website information?

Yes, you can change any information on your listing except for the link. If you wish to have the link changed you will need to contact our support team. The rest of the details can be edited under the My Websites page in your account.

I haven't sold any ads yet?

This could be for a few reasons. Is your website clean and easy to read and navigate? Are your ads priced appropriately or are they to high? Is your ad placement too hard to find on the page or clear and visible? Are there too many ad slots available (too much page real estate being used)? These are all questions you should ask yourself if you are not receiving any sales. One recommendation we have is to let your readers or users know you have ad space for sale. Make sure to create a dedicated page displaying your inventory, send out an email blast, post it on your social media, etc.

Can I turn off the "Advertise Here" link displayed on unsold ads?

The "Advertise Here" link is designed to help you sell ad space that is currently unsold by targeting your regular visitors. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer the option to turn this feature off. However, you can backfill other advertisements in place of the "Advertise Here" such as Google Adsense. To do this navigate to the Manage Zones page, click edit, and then on the bottom of the zone paste your advertisement code under the Backfill section.

What is the On-Site Advertising Shopping Cart?

Publishers can now benefit from setting up their own secure & simple advertising shopping cart. The whole set-up & customization of your cart can be completed in 2 simple steps. It only takes 2 simple steps with our set up guide to get you started and offer a shopping cart on your sites advertisement page. Every element of the ad listing is customizable by using our easy to use cart set up page to tweak the UI of the ad listing elements to match the theme of your site.

Glossary of Terms

Active: Ads are available for purchase
Ad Block: The area on your site where ads are placed
Ad Code: Code for displaying ads on your website
Ad Location: The area on your site where users can find the ad block
Affiliate: A user who sells another companies product or service for a percentage or flat fee
ALT Text: The text users see when they hover their mouse over an ad
Auto Approve: Automatically approve new ads that are purchased
Avatar: A 50 x 50 pixel image shown next to your websites and ads
Cashout: Transferring money from your account balance to your PayPal account
Clicks: The number of times your ad was clicked
Creative: The image ad you are using
CTR: Click Thru Rate, or the percentage of times your ad was clicked compared to shown
CPM: Cost Per Thousand impressions
Estimated Impressions: The "estimated" number to times your ad will be shown to visitors during 30 days
Geo-Targeting: The ability to show ads to a certain country, region, or state
Impressions: The number of times your ad was shown to visitors
Number of Ads: The number of ads in an ad block for sale
Scroll Line: The area of a website visitors have to scroll down to see
Site Title: The name of your site
URL: The domain of your website