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The main motto of CYBER BLOWER is to provide free & premium technical education, information & skills to everyone out there.As we see that the courses we need nowadays in technical sector are very costly on diffrent online & offline learning platforms.We will provide maximum courses free of cost.
Now comming to latest technology, in this section of blog we provide fresh & exclusive news of the technical world also the new inventions, discoveries.
Privacy is the major concern nowadays so we are providing free hacking stuff through which we teach how to deal with security breaches in todays cruel world.There are also many hacking courses that we offer to our readers & some pro hacking courses are available to premium readers.
Tutorials based on WINDOWS, LINUX & MAC are posted in a random manner in which we try to cover all the basic & advanced things which are needed to run a workstation.
Plus more knowledge, information & lots of awareness, we serve. Rest enjoy reading.

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