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Blog for Home and home decor.

Let me introduce myself…I am a mother, a wife, a decorator, a cook, a counselor, a party planner, oh, wait a minute, I guess mother and wife said it all, right? (tehehehe:) Truth is I am just here because I enjoy all things home! Do you enjoy all things home? Maybe I can share some of my ideas with you and you can share some of your ideas with me!

Before we get started, you’d probably like me to explain why I chose the name The Windy Lilac…well, there are a few reasons. I do love lilacs. I do have quite a few lilacs growing on my property and I often in spring fill our house with lilacs. I even love artificial lilacs however fresh are the best! You just can’t beat their fragrance! The Windy part? We kind of live at the top of a valley, which is the bottom to another valley in northeast Ohio. And well, it is the windiest place I’ve ever seen! Almost all of the time! There are not many days you can’t fly a kite here

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