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Urban Thesaurus is a tool that lets people search for slang terms related to specific terms or phrases. For example, if they search "trying to impress others", the top result is "frontin". Users can then click the word and see it's definition: "to put on a false disguise usually to impress others" which is pulled from Urban Dictionary's API. Please note that since it is a "slang" thesaurus, some of your ad impressions may appear on pages with swear words and adult language.

The site is well-designed, clutter-free, and responsive.

As of writing, here are some statistics from Google Analytics that may be of interest:

Top User Locations:
- United States: 61.26%
- United Kingdom: 9.57%
- Canada: 5.04%
- Australia: 4.24%
- India: 4.22%
- Philippines: 1.54%

Visitor Types:
- New: 90.26%
- Returning: 9.74%

Traffic Sources:
- Organic Search: 92.5%
- Direct: 7.3%
- Other: 0.25

- Mobile: 70.58%
- Desktop: 25.74%
- Tablet: 3.68%

- Safari: 46.91%
- Chrome: 44.07%

- 18-24: 25.89%
- 25-34: 34.74%
- 35-44: 17.60%
- 45-54: 11.20%
- 55-64: 6.38%
- 65+: 4.18%

Gender split is very close to 50:50.

User interests:

Average Time On Page: 00:03:32

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