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Uwatchfree is movie portal where you can watch movies without registration. So a lot of users visits our site everyday (average 10000 unique visitor per day & 3 million views per month). Adverts will be deployed across network sites. Please explore Uwatchfree to see ad placements. We roughly receive 300000 visitors per month

Our site is very popular across India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. Traffic is roughly 48% IN, 25% US, 14% UAE, 10% CA etc.

Note: All your impressions are genuine and will correctly deliver you users. Majority of our traffic watch movies on our site. Average time on site is over one hour on our sites. So it's confirm you would receive genuine users.

Attention: Our CTR is very high as our users are always looking for new movies and different offers for subscription of monthly movies. So if your advertisements are related to movies so you are lucky, you have arrived on best site where you receive 100% genuine users.

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