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SportStardom Member since Oct 2016

SportStardom is a new and trending casual sports blog which is gaining in popularity every single month, within a short span of time we have established our authority over sporting communities across the interwebs. This website currently gets close to 575,000 page-views every month and over 180,000 unique visitors, a vast majority of this traffic comes from search engines and most of our visitors are from countries such as US, UK, CA & AU.

If you have a business in the sporting niche, you just can’t ignore our site or audience, we are currently ranked high for many high volume search keywords (list mentioned below) in Google and have an authority social media presence with over 110,000+ followers across various networks.

In this site we create amazing and entertaining listicles and image galleries on various sports, tournaments, players and events, it is mainly catered towards casual sports fans here to read some catchy and interesting facts about their beloved teams or sports.

Due to the nature of our site and content, we currently see very high levels of user engagements, much beyond what an average blog would see, we get close to 3.32 pages / visit and maintain a bounce rate of 23%!

We are determined to grow this site into one of the top sporting entertainment sites across the web, we are currently focusing all our attention on creating better content and adding more value to our readers.

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