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UPDATO - All Things Android

http://updato.com Member since Jul 2017

Updato brand was launched in 2011 and immediately became a hit with humanized tech content that appeals to gadget geeks and Android newcomers alike.

With over 4,000 blog posts under our belt, nearly 10 million app installs, and 5 million monthly readers, Updato is recognized as the leading authority on all things Android.

Over 60% of our every-day readers are what we call Yuccies. Young Urban Creatives. A term that defines technophiles,
mobile enthusiasts and movie lovers, who's primary interests include shopping, photography, social media, music, games and casual travelling.

With a creative team of professionals, our mission is to help brands tell their stories in ways that drive real brand-awareness, user engagement and customer acquisition. With editorial sponsorship, native content, and custom ad campaigns, we work closely with brands to create original and globally recognized content.

Let's work together.

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