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The easiest way to directly buy ad banner space from approved websites. We connect advertisers and publishers all over the world with our automated and self-service advertising platform.

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Our marketplace of approved independent publishers is growing every day. Have a look through and find the best fit for your needs, or use our search tools to help you find the most relevant websites.

Our publishers are from all over the world in every industry and sector. We make it simple to buy directly with no emails, phone calls or negotiations.

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Our Ad Bundles are the easiest way to get maximum exposure with the least effort. We hand pick the best zones from the best publishers to bring you great niche relevant collections of ads you can bulk buy. Better yet, to keep you in control we let you pick and choose - you don't have to buy the entire bundle.

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Targeted Ads with SwiftAds

Target specific countries and regions as well as mobile or desktop traffic to ensure your ad campaign delivers great results.

We accept .js and iframe ad tags from all major ad networks. We deliver ads using our own custom ad server to ensure impressions are counted from viewable ad impressions only.

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We provide an ad dashboard tracking every impression and click as well showing CTR %. We also allow you to change your ad creative and link URL at any time to carry out A/B split testing. We only serve and count viewable ad impressions to ensure accurate ad delivery.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

  • I strongly recommend AdClerks. I just finished a few campaigns and I had some good amount of traffic and leads. The traffic quality is amazing and it is very easy to target and convert the leads afterwards. Keep up the good work - Sebastian

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