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The easiest way to directly sell your ad space to advertisers. We connect publishers like you to advertisers from all over the world via our completely automated and self-service advertising platform.

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It's very simple to sign up and just takes a minute. No sign up fee, no monthly fees, and no contracts. Once registered, add your website and we'll check it. If approved, you'll be part of the largest ad marketplace online.

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You decide what ad sizes to offer and how much to sell them ad. You can create a selection of pre-set industry standard sizes, or create a custom size.

Place our asynchronous .js code for your zones on your website and your ad zones will be available to purchase in our marketplace. Then sit back and watch the money come in.

3 Monetize unsold ad space

Sit back and let us do the rest. You'll be connected with advertisers from all over the world without ever having to answer the phone or reply to emails. Until then, moneize your unsold ad space with SwiftAds, our CPM ad network. Advertisers have to follow your prices, and your terms.

When you're ready, cash out your earnings to your PayPal account.

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