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Make money by monetizing your unsold ad zone

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How it works

We help you fully monetize your website on autopilot. OneClerk easily bolts on to your existing ad zones with just one click. Once activated, OneClerk instantly and automatically monetizes any unsold space while still making them available to purchase on our self-service advertising platform. It really couldn't be easier!

  • No set up required
  • Instantly monetizes unsold ad space
  • CPM Ads which are whitelisted by AdBlock Plus
  • Family-friendly ads from quality advertisers

Earnings on autopilot

Instantly monetizes unsold ad space. You don't need to do a thing - we manage everything.

Your monthly and CPM ad space can still be bought from our marketplace. OneClerk maximises your earning potential.

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Quality advertisers

OneClerk will automatically fill your unsold ad space with top advertisers including leading brands.

Ads include programmatic display family-friendly ads generating CPM revenue .

One click set up

Create a valid ad zone (or edit an existing zone) on AdClerks and click the OneClerk opt in button. That's all you need to do.

Once we've approved your zone, OneClerk will automatically monetize your unsold ad zone.

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