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To increase your chances of being approved on AdClerks, your website should try adhere to the following:

1) Your website should be live, finished and if applicable with frequent updates or content.

2) Your website should be receiving > 100k impressions or page views a month. If less, your website may still be considered based on our advertisers demand.

3) Your website should currently have minimal advertising and feature a well designed layout or template (responsiveness is a plus).

4) Your website should have its own domain and not be hosted on a free subdomain, e.g blogspot, blogger, weebly etc. are not allowed.

5) Your website should be written in English.

6) Your website traffic must not be generated from bot traffic sources or traffic exchanges, e.g HitLeap etc. are not allowed.

If you would like to speak to a member of support before submitting your site for approval or you have been rejected, then please contact us below.

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