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There is no "standard" for pricing.

By learning more about your website's niche and doing research on your competition you can generally come up with a price that is great for you and your advertisers.

Some ad spots can sell at a higher price based on things like how high the ad is on the page (above the fold), the ad size, and how many ads there are on the page.

So if your site gets 100,000 impressions a month and you are offering a 728x90 header ad with no other ads in rotation (1 ad avaiable with 1 displayed) then a good price range would be $75-150 / 30 days.

If offering CPM ads then a general rule of thumb is by starting with a range of $1 - $2 per 1,000 impressions, but this really depends on the niche, ad size and location of the ad as well.

The better you price your ads, the more advertisers will want to purchase from you!

You're also able to change the price of ad zones once set up but not when you have an active advertiser, to change the price of ads when you have an active advertiser then please contact us and we'll update the prices for you.

The price change will affect new advertisers only, previous advertisers will be locked in with the previous price.

If you need more assistance on this then feel free to contact us.

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