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We allow publishers to sell ad space either as CPM or monthly (30 day) ads.

CPM ads allow publishers to monetise every 1,000 impressions. CPM ads are also served as soon as possible instead of being served over a 30 day period, yet at the same time giving equal preference to 30 day fixed ads. This allows publishers to earn faster from CPM ads.

Publishers are also in full control allowing them to set their own CPM rates. You can also set a minimum order to prevent 1k ad sales, for example if you receive 100k impressions a month and choose to sell CPM ads you can set the minimum order to 10k meaning the advertiser can only buy a minimum order of 10k impressions instead of 1k impressions.

Monthly ads allow publishers to sell ad space for a 30 day period for a monthly price.

This is very popular on Publicity Clerks as publishers get paid generally a larger amount but offer a 30 day advertising period.

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