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K) What if I haven't sold any or many Ads yet? Back to Support Articles

This could be for a few reasons.

Is your website clean and easy to read and navigate?

Are your ads priced appropriately or are they to high? Is your ad placement too hard to find on the page or clear and visible? Are there too many ad slots available (too much page real estate being used)?

These are all questions you should ask yourself if you are not receiving any sales. One recommendation we have is to let your readers or users know you have ad space for sale.

Make sure to create a dedicated page displaying your inventory, send out an email blast, post it on your social media, etc.

In any case, we recommend the following to all our publishers:

+ Make sure you’re using our latest ad zone code – We updated the ad zone code on 30th Sept 2016 to collect more impressions from your site.

+ Optimise your site listing details – An informative title, description and better keywords helps advertisers find you.

+ Do not scare away advertisers with high prices or too many available ads – Asking for too much per ad with too many ads in rotation relative to the traffic could scare away potential advertisers (e.g 5 of 5 ads available priced at $125 each ). Keep ads affordable and competitive for the advertiser.

+ Display ad space in prime locations – Advertisers are more likely to purchase ad space above the fold or on locations which get viewed a lot. A footer banner is least likely to be purchased as opposed to a header or top sidebar ad.

+ Offer CPM ads as an alternative option – Allow advertisers to try out a custom package rather than a 30 day monthly ad. They can then gauge how effective the ad is before committing themselves to a 30 day ad. You can set a minimum order quantity to prevent small ad sales (e.g min buy 10k impressions).

+ Display the default ‘Advertise here’ banner – If you leave backfill empty it will display this by default, this a great way to capture potential advertisers from your site and get them to purchase ad space from you.

+ Use our on-site shopping cart on your site – Perfect for your ‘advertise with us’ page, this allows advertisers to buy ad space direct on your site page without leaving (processed via AdClerks). Here’s an example.

+ Contact us and speak to an account manager – We’re here to help you sell your ad space, contact us anytime and we’ll try to include you in our next advertiser newsletter and see if we can add you to an ad bundle as well optimise your listing.

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