Monetize your unsold ad zones with SwiftAds

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SwiftAds is a new CPM ad network exclusive to AdClerks publishers which monetizes your existing ad zones with just one click.

Once activated, SwiftAds instantly and automatically monetizes any unsold ad space while still making them available to purchase on AdClerks. 

We'll then display family-friendly ads with a 100% fill rate. Publishers can opt-out at any time.


Daisy-chain Follows:

AdClerks ad zone -- if unsold --> SwiftAds ads -- if not enabled --> 'Advertise here' banner or Backfill code if entered


Eligibility Criteria & Info:

1. Ad zones must be 300x250, 160x600, 300x600, 336x280, 468x60 or 728x90

2. Once approved, SwiftAds automatically activates - nothing for you to do

3. Revenue generates via a dynamic CPM

4. SwiftAds ads vary and are GEO targeted - you won't always be able to seem them

5. Viewable ad impressions and revenue data are recorded every hour on the stats page

6. Earnings will be credited to your AdClerks account balance net 60 (after 2 months)

7. Your ad zone will still be purchasable on the AdClerks marketplace and will override SwiftAds ads if purchased

8. You can opt-out or disable certain ads anytime by contacting support


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